The Beatles "Shea!" CD+DVD TMOQ Gazette Volume 18

☆Shea Stadium performance on 15 August 1965. CD and DVD released for the first time in high quality. The DVD contains the whole show recorded in mono as well as a stereo documentary of the nights performance. Remastered in 1991. The CD music is presented in stereo with the chats in mono. The CD includes the BBC Radio broadcast of the 1965 tour in America.

Packaged in a magazine style booklet. Part of the TMOQ Gazette series, Volume 18.Shea Stadium, New York 15 August 1965
CD-1 Introduction
CD-2 Twist & Shout
CD-3 She's A Woman
CD-4 I Feel Fine
CD-5 Dizzy Miss Lizzy
CD-6 Ticket To Ride
CD-7 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
CD-8 Can't Buy Me Love
CD-9 Baby's In Black
CD-10 Act Naturally
CD-11 A Hard Day's Night
CD-12 Help
CD-13 I'm Down
The Beatles Abroad. A BBC Radio Broadcast, USA 1965
CD-14 Twist And Shout
CD-15 Tell Me What You See
CD-16 I'm Down
CD-17 I've Just Seen A Face - Sounds Incorporated
CD-18 You Like Me Too Much
CD-19 Act Naturally
CD-20 The News
CD-21 Yesterday
CD-22 Dizzy Miss Lizzy
CD-23 Help
50 Minute Documentary
DVD-1 Intro
DVD-2 I'm Down
DVD-3 Murray The K
DVD-4 Discotheque Dancers
DVD-5 Chat
DVD-6 King Curtis
DVD-7 Chat
DVD-8 Brenda Holloway
DVD-9 Chat
DVD-10 Sounds Incorporated
DVD-11 Chat
DVD-12 Sid Bernstein & Ed Sullivan
DVD-13 Twist And Shout
DVD-14 I Feel Fine
DVD-15 Dizzy Miss Lizzy
DVD-16 Ticket To Ride
DVD-17 Act Naturally
DVD-18 Can't Buy Me Love
DVD-19 Baby's In Black
DVD-20 A Hard Days Night
DVD-21 Help
DVD-22 I'm Down
Shea Stadium, New York, USA 15 August 1965
DVD-23 Sid Bernstein & Ed Sullivan
DVD-24 Twist & Shout
DVD-25 She's A Woman
DVD-26 I Feel Fine
DVD-27 Dizzy Miss Lizzy
DVD-28 Ticket To Ride
DVD-29 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
DVD-30 Can't Buy Me Love
DVD-31 Baby's In Black
DVD-32 Act Naturally
DVD-33 A Hard Days Night
DVD-34 Help
DVD-35 I'm Down
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