George Harrison "Spicy Hari's Songs"-2 CD, Tarantura

ジョージの生涯に於ける2度のツアーの中の第1回目, 1974北米ツアー!




2 CD紙ジャケット仕様。価格;¥3,000-(消費税込み)
George Harrison "Spicy Hari's Songs"-2 CD, Tarantura

Nov 4 1974, Seattle Center Coliseum,

Disc One;
01. Tune Up
02. Hari's On Tour (Express)
03. Something
04. While My Guitar Gently Smile
05. Will It Going Around In Circles (Billy Preston)
06. Sue Me Sue You Blues
07. Zoon, Zoon, Zoon (Ravi Shankar)
08. Jay Sri Kalij (Ravi Shankar)
09. Na Na Dahni (Ravi Shankar)
10. Cheparte (Ravi Shankar)
11. Anurag (Ravi Shankar)
12. Dispute and Violence (Ravi Shankar)

Disc Two;
01. Hari’s introduction
02. Krishna, Where Are You?
- I Am Missing You (Ravi Shankar)
03. For You Blue
04. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
05. Soundstage Of Mine (Instrumental)
06. In My Life
07. Tom Cat (Tom Scott's The L.A. Express)
08. Maya Love
09. Nothing For Nothing (Billy Preston)
10. Dark Horse
11. Boogie Jam - Outa-Space (Billy Preston)
12. What Is Life
13. My Sweet Lord

The band:
George Harrison – vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Tom Scott – saxophones, flute
Billy Preston – vocals, organ, clavinet, synthesizer, backing vocals
Robben Ford – electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Jim Horn – saxophones, flute
Chuck Findley – trumpet, flute
Emil Richards – marimba, percussion
Willie Weeks – bass
Andy Newmark – drums
Jim Keltner – drums (from 27 November)
Kumar Shankar – percussion, backing vocals
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