New Source Matrix! The Rolling Stones "The Midnight Ramblers In The Midnight Hour"-2 CD, Tarantura





ザ・ローリング・ストーンズ ネブワース・フェア1976





編集箇所1-「Ladies and Gentlemen ...」MCとSatisfactionの開始部分-コンサートの最初の40秒を異なるオーディエンスソースを使用して、今回初登場のオーディエンス音源に収録されなかったコンサートのイントロを補完。

編集箇所2-Hot Stuffの終わりからFool To Cryの開始までのカットを58秒のサウンドボードソースを使用して、新音源のカット部分を補完(このセクションを収録したオーディエンス音源は存在しない)。

編集箇所3-Honky Tonk Womenの後半(Country Honkを含む)> Tumbling Dice> Happy> Nothing From Nothing> Outa-Space> Midnight Ramblerの開始部分はすべて新音源から欠落していた。このセクションは合計で19:31分である。これらの7曲はそれぞれ、他の複数のオーディエンスソースから補完されている。

“Honky Tonk WomenとCountry Honkの間の数秒”と
“Nothing From Nothingの最初の数秒”は他音源では補完出来なかった。

以上のカット以外は、全て収録している “ほぼ完全なショー”である。
Definitive Edition! The Rolling Stones
"The Midnight Ramblers In The Midnight Hour-Knebworth '76"
-2 CD w/ a booklet, Tarantura

21 August 1976 Knebworth Fair
Knebworth, England

Disc 1;
01. Crowd
02. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
03. Ain't Too Proud to Beg
04. If You Can't Rock Me
> Get Off of My Cloud
05. Hand of Fate
06. Around and Around
07. Little Red Rooster
08. Stray Cat Blues
09. Hey Negrita
10. Hot Stuff
11. Fool to Cry
12. Star Star
13. Let's Spend the Night Together
14. You Gotta Move
15. You Can't Always Get What You Want
16. MC

Disc 2;
01. intro
02. Dead Flowers
03. Route 66
04. Wild Horses
05. Honky Tonk Women
> Country Honk
06. Tumbling Dice
07. Happy
08. Nothing From Nothing
(performed by Billy Preston)
09. Outa-Space
(performed by Billy Preston)
10. Midnight Rambler
11. It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It)
12. Brown Sugar
13. Rip This Joint
14. Jumpin' Jack Flash
15. Street Fighting Man

Almost the complete show reconstructed from various audience sources.

The master tape of a previously uncirculated audience source has been used for the majority of the concert.

This new source was missing three sections of the concert which have almost entirely been patched from other sources.
These three sections and the sources are detailed below:
Patch 1 - spoken 'Ladies and Gentlemen...' intro and the start of Satisfaction - first 40 seconds of the concert - a different audience source is used to fill the very start of the concert which was not recorded by the new audience source.
Patch 2 - from the end of Hot Stuff to the start of Fool To Cry - 58 seconds of the soundboard source is used to fill a tape flip in the new audience source (no other audience source of this section of the show is known to exist).
Patch 3 - last half Honky Tonk Women (including Country Honk) > Tumbling Dice > Happy > Nothing From Nothing > Outa-Space > start of Midnight Rambler are all missing from the new audience source. This section is 19:31 minutes in total. Each of these 7 songs have been sourced from various other poorer sounding audience sources.

There are two very brief sections missing from this compilation.
These are: a few seconds between Honky Tonk Women and Country Honk that was not on any audience source; and the first few seconds of Nothing From Nothing which is also missing from the audience tapes.
Otherwise it is the complete show.
2 hours 27 minutes 43 seconds.
---The audio mixing work; Jackson Dux III
型番 TCDRS-50