Mr. Peach!!! The Police "ST. VALENTINE DAY"-2 CD, Tarantura


価格;2 CD ¥8,000-(消費税)


The Police "ST. VALENTINE DAY"-2 CD, Tarantura

Sting (bass, Vocal), Andy Summers (guitar), Stewart Copeland (drums)

February 14th 1980, Nakano Sun Plaza Tokyo Japan

Side FBI;
01. Introduction
02. Next To You
03. So Lonely
04. Walking On The Moon
05. Hole In My Life
06. Deathwish
07. Fall Out
08. Truth Hits Everybody
09. Bring On The Night
10. Visions Of The Night
11. Message In A Bottle

Side CIA;
01. Peanuts (fade in)
02. The Bed's Too Big Without You
03. Roxanne
04. Can't Stand Losing You
05. Landlord
06. Born In The 50's
07. No Time This Time
型番 TCDP-1
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